Why We Love Being A Google Cloud Partner

Stewart Smith

Archive article - published on December 23 2019

In 2018, Root Level Technology added Professional Services to our service offerings with a focus on Cloud Strategy.  After this pivot, it only made sense to become a Google Cloud Partner and we are very happy we did!  Google is very invested in Kubernetes and leans heavily on their partners to help grow GCP.  Their new streamlined partner portal provides access to the training and tools needed to make helping our clients as simple as possible.  

How Our Partnership Benefits Our Clients

Our Google partnership brings major advantages to our clients:

  • Trust. Due to Google’s partner vetting process, our clients trust that we are good at what we do, whether it be Cloud Strategy or Managed Services.  This trust was built through our expertise, technical proficiency, and customer successes.

  • Collaboration. Even though we are a cloud neutral shop, our close relationship with Google allows us to bring them to the table when they are the best solution for our clients in their cloud migration journey.  Representatives from Google are always there and are eager to work hard for our clients.

  • Growth. Our clients are the main focus of Google Cloud’s Partner Program.  Google works closely with us to build solutions that increase our clients’ cloud footprint.

  • Partner Services Funds (PSF). Being a Google Cloud Partner allows us to help businesses apply for Google Partner Services Funds. These funds help our clients reduce the cost of their migration.  
“We became Google partners to provide us all the necessary cloud strategy tools to aid in your complete digital transformation.” - Stewart Smith, CTO - Root Level Tech

Google Partnership: Where We Are Today

Since becoming a Google Cloud Partner, our excitement only continues to grow! If you are interested in running a Kuberenetes-based infrastructure or Big Data architecture then Google is the way to go.  Google has invested a lot in cloud this past year and they continue to show through customer service that they will go above and beyond to help our clients make the move to Google Cloud.  

If you are ready to start your cloud journey, reach out to us today!  Google and Root Level Technology are ready to show you how we are invested in your success through Google’s cloud offerings.

Stewart Smith
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