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We want to enable customers to earn from their spending in the cloud. Use cashback for your cloud bills or on WALT services while managing everything in a single pane of glass.

Upon signup you receive access to our FinOps portal which allows you to receive more fine-grained insights into your spending, free consulting & AI-driven cost-saving recommendations.

Our cashback program puts you in control.

We measure your Google Cloud spending and deliver straightforward cashback rewards every quarter.

Choose how to leverage your savings – offset your cloud bill or reinvest in the value-added services that power your business.

What our customers say about us

WALT Labs worked with Bennie to review their existing GCP infrastructure and provide technical recommendations on scaling, security, and choosing the optimal solution for building a data pipeline using Postgres CloudSQL, Datastream, BigQuery, and Looker
WALT Labs worked with Everwash to identify and build an architecture plan for a Data Pipeline in GCP. Additional recommendations were provided for improving the Data Pipeline, with a goal to stream millions of data.
WALT Labs worked with Site Impact to completely modernize and scale-out their data management platform. We were tasked with architecting a push button, built to scale infrastructure, data lakehouse and ETL pipline to service their business operations. Processing petabytes of data each month in a matter of minutes compared to days.