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If you have an idea of a dashboard you'd like, just open a ticket and the team will get to work

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We will monitor your dashboards to ensure data keeps flowing and graphs keep displaying

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We are here to help discuss any data questions you have around your dashboard and datasources

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Give us a little detail about your request, link us your data sources and we'll do the rest! Delivering your dashboard within 2-4 days depending on complexity and your data sources

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Provide a brief of what you'd like to see different and the team will modify your existing dashboard for you

Help with your Data

Explain what help you need around your data, give us some examples and we will explore your request and do our best to resolve as soon as possible

We don't just Create and Edit your dashboards, we Manage them too so that you can trust that your analytics is always available

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Spend less time trying to get your data working for you and letting our expert team build your vision for your dashboards, relying on them to handle your data plumbing
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