Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement


This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to’s managed services support levels, maintenance periods, and notices from the support team provided to Customer. Unless otherwise provided herein, this SLA is subject to any Master Service Agreement (“MSA”) between and Customer. This SLA states Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any failure to meet the service commitment as set forth in this SLA.

Our services are all 24×7 and are broken out into three packages, Standard, Premium, and Custom. The Standard and Premium service levels are set forth in this SLA. The service level term for the Custom package will be set forth in a separate agreement mutually agreed upon by the parties.

Support Process

  • All Tickets must be submitted through our support portal. To follow our SLA either detailed here or a customized SLA listed on your contract.
  • Responses will be made through the support portal on submitted tickets and tickets are answered based on priority as well as in the order received.
  • Video conferencing may be possible at’s discretion.

Support Packages will use commercially reasonable efforts to make Services available as set forth below:

Managed Cloud Standard

  • Reactive monitoring and support.
  • will only assist a customer when a ticket is entered by the customer through the portal.
  • Guidance will be provided by for a customer request, but cannot perform changes or actions to a customer environment. For that type of request, the customer will need to upgrade to the Premium package.

Managed Cloud Premium

  • Proactive system & application monitoring and support.
  • will assist customer when pre-configured monitoring systems alert the support    team.
  • will assist customer when a ticket is entered by the customer through the portal.
  • Architectural reviews and deployment planning discussions are included.
  • will perform reasonably necessary changes/fixes to a customer environment to resolve a problem or a request made via a ticket.
  •    Access must be provided by the customer to be able to perform changes.
  • Please see the terms of the Customer MSA with

Response Time

Unless stated otherwise in the MSA or customer contract, the support response time from the moment a ticket is entered into our support portal is outlined below. We aim to resolve most issues within the same timeframe but typically our maximum resolution could be up to 4 hours depending on the type of issue.
Managed Cloud Standard Initial Response Time: 
  • P2 – High – Degraded Performance = up to 2 hour
  • P3 – Normal – Minor Issue of Bug = up to 4 hours
  • P4 – Minor – Request of General Enquiry = up to 4 hours
Managed Cloud Premium Initial Response Time:
  • P1 – Critical – Production Outage = up to 15 minutes
  • P2 – High – Degraded Performance = up to 1 hour
  • P3 – Normal – Minor Issue of Bug = up to 2 hours
  • P4 – Minor – Request of General Enquiry = up to 3 hours

Maintenance Windows

Currently, operates within the specific maintenance windows shown below:
  • For US Clients: 6-7 am UTC
  • For US Clients: 6-7 am UTC
The service commitments set forth in this SLA do not apply to:
  • use of the Services not in compliance with this SLA, MSA or other customer contract., 2. any suspension or termination of rights to use the Services permitted under the MSA or other customer contract, 3. any usage limits, 4. loss of connectivity caused by factors outside of reasonable control, including resulting from (i) any force majeure event including systemic Internet failures, (ii) Customer’s software or hardware, or third-party software or hardware, or both, (iii) failure of Customer’s network connection, (iv) Any third-party services, (v) activity in violation of the MSA, or (f) planned or emergency maintenance.
The terms of this SLA may be changed at the sole discretion of
Last Edit: Wednesday 17th April 2024

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