WALTLabs.io Takes Podium, Earning Infrastructure Specialization

Cynthia Lopez

Archive article - published on April 19 2022

As the 2022 Winter Olympics wrapped up on February 20th, we had grown accustomed to seeing athletes standing on podiums and rewarded for their achievements with medals and plush pandas. The men and women that won gold, silver, and bronze were recognized for doing what others could not. As of the close of the Olympic games, each represented the best in their respective sports.

Recently, amid the flurry of Olympic contests, Google notified WALTLabs.io was recognized by Google Cloud for their own expertise, so to speak. The Google Cloud Partner since 2019, has officially achieved the Infrastructure Specialization.

Specialization Means Customers Are the Winners

As a Google Cloud Partner, WALTLabs.io helps customers take advantage of all Google Cloud's offerings. Regardless of where a business is in its cloud journey, there are Google Cloud solutions that fit its needs. Providers with Infrastructure Specialization are uniquely suited with the resources and personnel to help organizations of all sizes leverage big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Kubernetes, and other cloud applications and digital transformation needs. Businesses benefit from rapid cloud deployment and secure, scalable foundations and workflows.


Infrastructure modernization transforms legacy systems into solutions that boost productivity and customer satisfaction. And while older architecture is also hard-pressed to scale as businesses grow, modern infrastructure is designed to handle the ebbs and flows. Modernizing aging infrastructure holds a bunch of benefits for a company like:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving returns on investments
  • Improves customer experience
  • Strengthens security

WALTLabs.io had the opportunity to demonstrate those benefits recently. Working with a customer that has multiple networks the company was able to simplify connectivity across each of the disparate data centers, networks, and virtual LANs. By extending Kubernetes to work in multiple environments, the customer gained a consistent, unified, and secure infrastructure and container management solution. The company can now more easily develop, deploy and manage its applications as simple as web applications.

Partners experienced in infrastructure management are capable of helping companies rearchitect their cloud strategies and provide technical expertise with cloud migration and data transformation using tools like Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). These partners also build real-time data pipelines using Dataflow and Cloud Composer to ensure that organizations are able to use all of the data sources available to them to extract timely and actionable insights.

Infrastructure Olympians

Being awarded the Infrastructure Specialization highlights a service provider's demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solution and service area. The recognition is rarer than the incidence of Olympic participants that win medals, which is about 11%, according to data from Olympedia.

According to Google Cloud, a provider that earns a specialization has reached the highest technical designation. Partners with a specialization in a solution area have an established Google Cloud services practice, consistent customer success, and proven technical capabilities, which Google Cloud and a third-party assessor have vetted.

The Infrastructure Specialization underscores a company's ability to help enterprises migrate to cloud environments and demonstrate success in building client infrastructure and workflows on the Google Cloud Platform. To reach this specialization, WALTLabs.io had to check the boxes on multiple criteria, including:

  • Demonstrating technical expertise
  • Training staff members in Google Cloud infrastructure and workflows
  • Provide plans for ongoing investment in infrastructure development

Experience the Benefits of Specialization Firsthand

As a Google Cloud partner, WALTLabs.io has shown industry expertise, technical proficiency, and a proven record of delivering infrastructure solutions and services. Contact us today for all aspects of Google Cloud Platform products, including compute, storage, networking, Kubernetes, security, environment monitoring, and Google Cloud billing discounts and management.

Cynthia Lopez
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