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Archive article - published on June 30 2021

When John Honeycutt joined Google Cloud in 2019, the move may have seemed unprecedented. After all, what could the former CTO of media company, Discovery, bring to the table? It turns out, a lot. Google's cloud division hired Honeycutt to serve as vice president of telecommunications, media, and entertainment. His chief task is to lead the cloud service provider in penetrating customers in those markets—a job he is particularly suited for given his contacts and connections from his Discovery days. With Honeycutt’s help, Google is paving the way for telecommunications, media, and entertainment to migrate and modernize through the power of Google Cloud.

Being Agile Will Pave the Way of the Future

Film studios, content creators and distributors, telecoms, gaming, and esports companies are all industries particularly well-suited for what Google Cloud has to offer. Google Cloud's secure, enterprise-grade productivity, collaboration, and search tools enable companies to accelerate content development and boost efficiency. By enabling telecom media and entertainment teams to create and communicate efficiently, they're able to connect, collaborate, and get work done in real-time from anywhere.


According to Deloitte's 2021 outlook for the US telecommunications, media, and entertainment industry, among the strategic questions that companies focused on those industries will need to answer is, "How can studios and publishers enable faster experimentation with content and delivery? How can they quickly test new behaviors and segments with minimal risk?" Here, Google Cloud is well-suited to help businesses succeed and can provide a host of solutions:

Data analytics and AI
Smarter data analytics powered by AI and ML is the rocket fuel for transformation. Getting more from data is a top priority for IT leaders around the world. On Google Cloud, you can do it in real-time and generate deeper insights for faster, smarter data-driven decisions.

Open, hybrid, and multi-cloud
By harnessing different strengths from different places, Google Cloud's open, hybrid, and multi-cloud capabilities allow businesses to build a flexible infrastructure that's customized for their specific needs, goals, and priorities.

Collaboration and productivity
If COVID-19 showed IT leaders one thing, it's that employees need a way to work together anywhere, anytime. With so many IT agendas in flux, organizations need more than work-from-home support. Google Cloud has re-imagined the work environment. Production meetings, a table-read of a script, or audience engagement can all happen in the Cloud.

Content distribution
The entertainment dynamic has changed. While movie theaters are still in existence, many people feel most comfortable viewing from their homes. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are on fire, but so are entertainment alternatives like Twitch and TikTok. Google Cloud's storage, networking, and compute infrastructure can help deliver high-quality, low latency content.

YouTube Moving to Google Cloud

As a testament to the power of its cloud environment, Google has recently started eating its own dog food by moving YouTube to the Cloud. In an announcement made earlier this month, CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian, stated, "Part of evolving the cloud is having our own services use it more and more…." This is not the first time the company has moved one of its digital properties to the Cloud. Google productivity, media, and entertainment services like Workspace, Waze, and DeepMind, an artificial intelligence research group, all draw upon the power of the Google Cloud Platform.


As the second-largest website on the Internet ( is number one), YouTube hosts more than two billion users each month. Numbers of that magnitude make Google Cloud a clear choice for other telecommunications, media, and entertainment to get on board.

Move Your Entertainment, Media, Telecom Business to the Cloud

It's anything but business as usual for IT leaders who've been forced to re-imagine operations, accelerate digital transformations, and build for a new future. A true digital transformation doesn't just mean lifting and shifting your infrastructure to the cloud.

If your business is ready to consider a move to the Cloud, WALT Labs lends a fresh perspective to cloud migration and application modernization that helps businesses of all types ensure a holistic digital transformation. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and insight on how your company can make a move to the Cloud.

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