RLT Announces Membership In Amazon Web Services Partner Program

Kiril Shivachev

Archive article - published on November 29 2018

Houston, Texas, Nov. 28, 2018 - Root Level Technology, a specialized cloud strategy partner, has joined the Amazon Web Services Partner Program, and will be attending AWS re:Invent as a partner.

Focused on helping organizations build successful AWS-based businesses and solutions, the AWS Partner Program helps customers take full advantage of everything Amazon’s cloud platform has to offer. Partners span multiple specializations and skillsets, and the program has multiple tiers based on a partner’s expertise. RLT is an APN Technology Partner, and is fully engaged in the program.

“Amazon Web Services is a critical component of modern application design and cloud consumption,” explains Eric Fouarge, Chief Technology Officer at RLT. “As such, strong, deep expertise in architecture, design, implementation, automation, and management of AWS environments are core to our skill sets and offerings.”

“Emphasis on building based on the AWS Well Architected Framework and delivery with infrastructure as code continues to allow agility and reliability for our clients,” he continues. “As an AWS partner, we are also privy to establishing best-in-class services from our daily exposure to the ecosystem.”

As a partner, RLT is actively migrating clients off of its internal private cloud onto AWS resources. The company is also releasing a minimum viable cloud framework for AWS to help clients establish foundational infrastructure. This will allow clients to rapidly adopt and embrace a cloud-first business strategy.

Root Level Technology is a cloud strategy and DevOps Solutions provider that delivers enterprise-level infrastructure with the kind of care that you’d expect from a small, family business.

Kiril Shivachev
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