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Stewart Smith

Archive article - published on January 30 2020

Root Level Technology is once again partnering with Rancher to bring you two great opportunities to learn more about Rancher, Docker, and Kubernetes at the Rancher Rodeo in Texas!

Rancher Rodeos are free, in-depth workshops designed to give DevOps and IT teams the hands-on skills they need to deploy and manage Kubernetes everywhere. The content will be delivered by Rancher's technical experts and aims to educate anyone interested in learning how to use containers or Kubernetes.

During these hands-on workshops, a technical expert will provide an introduction to Rancher, Docker, and Kubernetes and then walk through the steps for deploying a Kubernetes cluster. The key topics that will be covered at the Rancher Rodeos include:

  • Docker and Kubernetes Concepts and Architecture
  • Installation and Configuration of Rancher Server
  • Kubernetes Cluster Deployment
  • Application Deployment and Access

Who Should Attend

This is a free event, open to anyone who wants to learn about Rancher and is interested in finding out how to deploy and manage Kubernetes in production. If you’re in IT Operations, DevOps, Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture, or InfoSec and want to learn how to use containers or Kubernetes, sign up for a Rancher Rodeo near you.

What to Bring

To get the most out of the Rancher Rodeo experience, attendees should have a basic working knowledge of Docker, and come prepared with a laptop computer that has a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE8+). Training sessions are taught using an interactive, web-based tool called HobbyFarm. This tool lets you access compute resources through an in-browser terminal while following along with prepared learning scenarios.

Who Will Be There

Paul Palmer, Executive Vice President of Partnerships, Root Level Technology
Brandon Roth, Sales Development Representative
Braden Wright, Staff Cloud Architect

For more information and to reserve your spot:

Rancher Rodeo Austin, Texas
Tuesday, March 3, 2020
9:30 AM – 2:30 PM CST

Rancher Rodeo Dallas, Texas
Wednesday, March 4, 2020
9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Stewart Smith
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