Rancher Rodeo 2019 - Chicago Recap

Stewart Smith

Archive article - published on October 04 2019

Derek and Robert had a blast at the Rancher Rodeo in Chicago yesterday! Before diving into the workshop, all attendees networked over coffee and bagels!  

Root Level Technology kicked off the Rodeo by sharing information about what we do, and how much fun we have doing it. We got to share two examples of great success stories of how we helped our clients achieve their goals.

Next, Rancher’s very own Lou Sarris, Regional Director of the Midwest, gave a history of Rancher and its founders along with impressive Kubernetes and Rancher statistics. Did you know that over 10,000 teams have already adopted Rancher in a production setting?

During the workshop, Rancher’s Mark Abrams gave us a great introduction to Docker and Kubernetes. He explained how container orchestration rose up from the popularity of Docker, and how Rancher has evolved with the changes and demands that came from the community.  

After all the introductions and lunch, the attendees were able to get their hands dirty by getting a Kubernetes cluster running and installing Rancher. We were able to show off Rancher UI and how it makes managing Kubernetes much easier. Security and deployment support, across all major cloud and VM providers, were other topics discussed throughout the day.  

An online event will be scheduled to go over the deployment in the very near future for all attendees. Everyone was able to walk away from the workshop knowing a lot more about Rancher and how it can make their lives easier!  

Look out for the next Rancher Rodeos in Houston and San Antonio, TX! In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss how we can implement Kubernetes and Rancher within your business!

Stewart Smith
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