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Cynthia Lopez

Archive article - published on February 17 2022

"Being a Google Cloud Premier Partner says that we are one of the best at moving businesses to the Cloud and that we are equipped to deliver the highest levels of technical and billing management and service to our customers."
Eric Sengbusch, CEO, WALTLabs.io

Humans love superlatives. From the time we are youngsters, we adapt our understanding of the world by classifying things on a scale that ranges from inferior to superior. It is not unusual to hear a four-year-old, for instance, refer to their favorite breakfast cereal as "the best-est." Grammar error aside, the child clearly understands the concept of superlatives.

The desire to rank all things carries over to adulthood and our daily lives as business people and technologists. Multitudes of businesses are built by establishing themselves at the top of a hierarchy. Apple is an easy example as it prides itself on creating the best in personal computing products. BMW delivers the "ultimate driving experience." Google Cloud too embraces this concept and highlights its exceptional partners through its Partner Advantage program and even tags the most qualified amongst them as Google Cloud Premier Partners--more on that in a moment.

Certified Delivery of Google Cloud Solutions

In a world where the delivery of cloud services like Google Workspace or Google Cloud Platform can be commoditized, Google spotted the opportunity to differentiate. The Google Cloud Partner Advantage program identified those service providers that stand apart from their peers. Through its rigorous validation program, which focuses on certifications, demonstrated expertise, and specializations, Google has identified cloud facilitators that are best suited to help businesses succeed in their digital transformations.

WALTLabs_Cloud Delivery

While a partner program that's entirely focused on the success of the end-user is impressive, Google saw the chance to raise the bar even further. To add incentive to the program, the cloud giant introduced an enhanced level of service with its Google Cloud Premier Partner program. This upped status is reserved for just a small percentage of partners that have shown an unyielding commitment to driving customer success, garnering specializations, and showcasing a deeper level of expertise in the field of cloud computing.

Google Cloud Premier Partners demonstrate innovation, collaboration, and a strict focus on the customer. In turn, partners of this distinction enjoy a host of benefits from Google. Most notably, partners have extensive access to tools, technology, and support from Google to put customers first and move businesses forward. They also have the capability to deliver billings management, technical support, and additional savings to customers--things not all partners can provide.

WALTLabs.io Elevated to Google Cloud Premier Partner Status

As a long-time Google partner, WALTLabs.io was committed to delivering best-of-breed service to its worldwide customer base. That meant implementing cloud environments for businesses of all sizes to the company. For some, it meant Google Cloud Platform billings management, costing assistance, and general support.

For businesses needing to adjust to the pandemic era, work-from-home policies WALTLabs.io rolled out Google Workspace, creating secure, collaborative environments. For other companies looking to take the next step with secure infrastructure, developer tools, APIs, data analytics, and machine learning, the company implemented the Google Cloud Platform. In time, WALTLabs.io delivered Google Cloud optimizing IT for hundreds of companies and thousands of end-users.


With a history of demonstrated success as a cloud partner, the path was clear for Google Cloud to elevate WALTLabs.io to Premier Partner status. In turn, the cloud services provider gets to refer to itself as a Premier Partner on its website and in company communications. The distinction lets prospective customers know that they will experience an enhanced level of service and delivery from WALTLabs.io and also have access to these services:

  • Expert cloud, security, and operations optimization for GCP
  • Professional review of GCP architecture
  • Consolidated billing for all of your Google Cloud products and services
  • Ongoing environment management support services

Experience the Premier Difference

WALTLabs.io is here to help your organization's digital transformation journey with personalized guidance and support. The company's migration solutions can shave time and minimize the intrusiveness of the migration process. So, if you are considering a move or an upgrade, contact one of our experts for a no-obligation evaluation of your cloud infrastructure needs.

Cynthia Lopez
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