Lighthouse Roadshow Dublin - Recap

Kiril Shivachev

Archive article - published on December 03 2019

Hannah Seeley, one of Root Level Tech’s Sales Development Representatives, had a great time attending Lighthouse Roadshow in Dublin, Ireland! This event is great for anyone who wants to understand how their organization can embrace Kubernetes.

Rancher, a RLT partner, started off the day at the Lighthouse Roadshow with Building an Enterprise Container Strategy with Kubernetes. This talk discussed a variety of options and how Rancher enables Kubernetes-as-a-service. During the Roadshow, Rancher also gave an introduction into Rancher 2.3 in addition to a demo which showed how to add clusters on their website.

Microsoft also had a huge presence at the Lighthouse Roadshow with a talk on Microsoft Cloud-Native Applications with Azure Kubernetes Services by Sasa Kovacevic, Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft’s Customer Success Unit. This presentation covered why Microsoft releases key innovations as open source for others to use and build upon. Sasa discussed why they use DevOps and Kubernetes, explained how they are better together, and then finished with microservices for a faster application development and the scalable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Github discussed their DevOps strategy with containers and their infrastructure. They also gave a presentation on automating DevOps on Kubernetes and introduced GitHub actions (V2). They then went on to discuss automating a workflow from idea to production.

Steve Giguere, Solutions Architect for Aqua, discussed how software is more challenging every day and also addressed security blind spots within containers. He managed to make a serious topic fun and understandable! He finished the Lighthouse Roadshow by giving a talk around securing containerized deployments. Steve discussed Aqua’s open source tools as well as the image vulnerability scanner and CIS benchmark for K8s.

Dublin was a great place to end the Lighthouse Roadshow Series in Europe! If you missed out, no worries, there will be more Lighthouse Roadshows announced in 2020.

Kiril Shivachev
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