Let Google Cloud VMware Engine Simplify Your Cloud Journey

Stewart Smith

Archive article - published on November 26 2020

What if you could take the IT workloads you are currently running in the world's leading virtualization system, and move them to a secure and scalable cloud environment?

Now, imagine that you could do that without refactoring applications, replacing third-party integrated products, or re-training your teams. That vision is a reality with Google Cloud VMware Engine.

Google describes its cloud VMware Engine as a native, first-party offering that includes end-to-end support for migrating your VMware environment to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Conceived upon the VMware Cloud Foundation, the solution consists of a complete set of software-defined services. Those include compute, storage, networking, security, and cloud management to run enterprise apps traditionally, or as containerized implementations.

These features make the hybrid cloud migration a perfect solution for businesses looking to run their applications in the Cloud in the same way they do on-premise.

Simplify the Cloud Journey

According to Google, VMware is the right solution for helping simplify the cloud journey for customers. In partnering with VMware, the company provides customers with an easy on-ramp for bringing workloads that run on VMware on-premise into the public cloud.

A top priority for IT managers has always been to support the needs of their applications. Google Cloud VMware Engine does that by providing scalability, agility, and significant cost advantages by minimizing hardware needs. Cloud migration even presents businesses with opportunities to develop a whole new set of cloud native services and applications.

Stay Focused on the Important Stuff

Dealing with change is difficult. Managers are hard-pressed to commit the time and resources required to re-train staff. They want to leverage the inherent expertise in their teams. This is particularly true of their people's understanding of the familiar VMware software stack, monitoring, and security tools. They want to forklift that installed knowledge base into the public cloud.

Google Cloud VMware Engine ensures that businesses can do this. They maintain control of the data structure, location, access policies, and environmental configuration. Everything gets carried into the cloud. Companies will find additional value with the elimination of the need to manage infrastructure. Now, IT teams can build new solutions for their customers, rather than chasing down open trouble tickets.

As an added benefit, this cloud migration can immediately provide businesses with insights from existing data. This is done by leveraging Google Cloud Platform native services. Thus, companies get all of the power of tools like BigQuery, Anthos, and Cloud Storage to help them stay ahead of the competition.

Additionally, businesses that make a move will rest easy knowing that their hybrid cloud environment is supported end-to-end. With every implementation, Google guarantees 24x7 support and four nines uptime on network and storage infrastructure.

Is It the Right Solution for Your Business?

The opportunities to leverage the Google Cloud VMware Engine are nearly limitless and include:

  • Disaster recovery – move disaster recovery locations to the cloud and realize improved availability and lower costs

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) – Expand into new regions and geographies quickly without bringing additional data centers online

  • Datacenter migration – realize the cloud's power to deliver scalability and guaranteed compatibility of existing workloads

  • Datacenter extension – scale your business to the cloud and always be ready for growth or seasonal needs

  • Data analytics – leverage Google's powerful tools for querying and manipulating massive data sets

  • Hybrid applications – work across platforms with high speed and low latency connectivity to Google Cloud Services

Ready to move to the cloud? As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, WALT Labs is exceptionally qualified to help businesses derive value from cloud services, including migrations with Google Cloud VMware Engine. Cloud strategies are critical for companies to compete nowadays.

Contact us today and let us show you how your business can accelerate its cloud journey, modernize infrastructure, and move its workloads to the cloud.

Stewart Smith
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