KubeCon Day 2 - Recap

Kiril Shivachev

Archive article - published on November 21 2019

KubeCon Day 2 was amazing, and the day was packed with events and fun! The day started off with opening keynotes and ended with the All Attendee Party.  

The Root Level Tech team was able to attend multiple talks throughout their second day at Kubecon. Braden attended Helm 3 Deep Dive by Taylor Thomas and Martin Hickey. Helm 3 has removed Tiller (server side component), now no one can complain about Helm as this change improves the security model.

“Another benefit of removing Tillar is improving error messages, even though it was not mentioned in the talk.“ - Braden Wright, RLT Staff Cloud Architect

It also allows you to specify a values.schema.json, which enables you to validate values. They are replacing Helm Repos with Helm Hub, allowing users to search with multiple repos for a chart in a single command. Another big improvement with Helm 3 is moving from a 2-way merge to a 3-way merge. This is useful in situations where your resources have changed from when they were deployed; for example, if you have installed a sidecar after doing a Helm deploy in Helm 2 after redeploying, the sidecar would be deleted. With a 3-way merge, Helm will ensure the sidecar remains and other changes are applied appropriately when redeploying. They have also improved the testability of Helm charts.  

“This talk was called a Helm 3 Deep Dive. I really believe that every Helm user should watch this to really get a good overview understanding of Helm 3 and how to migrate from Helm 2 to 3.” - Braden Wright, RLT Staff Cloud Architect

To get more information on the security improvement of Helm 3, check out Mike Fisher’s Securing Helm 3. For more of a true Deep Dive, check out KubeCon’s 2018 Helm 3 Deep Dive.

Our team was also able to hang out with two of our awesome partners, Rancher and CodeFresh!  “Rancher is doing exciting things with K3s which will allow IoT type of devices to run Kubernetes.” - Braden Wright

CodeFresh has had over 300% growth in a year! “I have never worked with a company who so quickly creates new features based on customer and community feedback.” - Braden Wright

It has been such an honor to be partnered up with these two amazing companies, and we are looking forward to strengthening our relationships with both in the coming year! We are super excited for upcoming events with our partners in 2020.  

The day ended with an awesome All Attendee Party where they blocked off all of 5th Ave in the Gaslamp District! We had a great time and can’t wait to see what the last day has in store for us!

Kiril Shivachev
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