KubeCon Day 1 - Recap

Kiril Shivachev

Archive article - published on November 20 2019

KubeCon Day 1 has ended and it was jam-packed! It was an exciting day for Braden Wright, Paul Palmer, and Samantha Skaggs who were representing Root Level Technology at this year’s conference.  

The day at Kubecon started off with a bang with some great Keynote Sessions! Bryan Liles and friends stepped on the KubeCon stage to give updates on CNCF projects.

  • Cloud Events achieved incubation status and released 1.0. CloudEvents, a specification (spec) for describing event data in a common way, eases event declaration and delivery across services, platforms, and beyond. The spec defines the common attributes of an event that facilitate interoperability, as well as how those attributes are transported from producer to consumer via some popular protocols.

  • Open Policy Agent (OPA) is a unified toolset and framework for policy across the cloud native stack. OPA is used to decouple policy from the service's code so you can release, analyze, and review policies (which security and compliance teams love) without sacrificing availability or performance.

Last year at KubeCon it was really exciting to see the potential of OPA and Istio coming together. This year it was great to see OPA expanding into all areas and with the re-architecture of Gatekeeper and its beta release, the reality of using it in production is at our door!” - Braden Wright, RLT Staff Cloud Architect
  • Jaeger is a CNCF project that has moved from incubation to graduation. It’s an open source, end-to-end distributed tracing platform built to help companies of all sizes to monitor and troubleshoot their cloud-native architecture. Since creation in 2015 by Uber, Jaeger has now integrated into thousands of microservices and recorded thousands of traces every second across the company.  

  • Last week Helm v3 was released! There have been some changes from v2, and one of the most exciting has been the removal of Tiller. Braden can’t wait for Kubecon Day 2 to attend the talk: Helm 3 Deep Dive by Talyor Thomas, Microsoft, and Martin Hickey, IBM.

Check out Rancher’s Livestream where Braden and Paul were able to talk about how, with Rancher, RLT can help bring more value to our customers! No need to worry if you missed it - you can watch the recording below!

Braden and Samantha attended How the Department of Defense Moved to Kubernetes and Istio by Nicolas Chaillan, Department of Defense (see the video below!). This was one of the more interesting talks we attended on Day 1. Nicolas spoke about how the DoD software delivery is every 3-10 years (WOW!), which is one of the reasons they started up the Enterprise DevSecOPs Initiative. The DoD implemented Kubernetes and Istio on an F-16 jet in 45 days with no prior experience. The hardest part of this implementation was “understanding the ecosystem.” Good news, though, Root Level Tech specializes in understanding the ecosystem to help you implement and deploy with industry best standards.

Kubecon Day 1 ended with more Keynote sessions. It was an honor to attend and experience Kelsey Hightower’s amazing keynote on Reflections, the past and present of KubeCon. His keynote focused on the human element and the importance of being inclusive.  

We are excited for Day 2 of the conference and can’t wait to see what KubeCon has in store! Keep an eye out for our next KubeCon blog, summarizing our second day!

Kiril Shivachev
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