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Cynthia Lopez

Archive article - published on February 08 2022

What do you call it when a Google Premier Partner and the maker of a leading software delivery platform come together? Time to celebrate!

On March 3rd, 2022, and Codefresh will be celebrating the launch of the Codefresh Software Delivery Platform, powered by Argo. Since 2014, Codefresh has been re-creating the approach businesses take to build and deploy applications., experts in application modernization and migrations to Google Cloud Platform see Codefresh as a perfect solution for helping businesses stay on track with the pace of innovation.

Get Ready to Mix It Up

Are you interested in learning more and getting in the fun? Join us in Austin, TX. The venue we've picked has been referred to as the "Hottest new place right in the center of ATX." You'll have to RSVP to get all the details and also be entered to win a pair of Apple AirPod Pros!

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Accelerating the pace of innovation

Delivering software has always been a mix of manual work and automation. In the Codefresh Software Delivery Platform, the company has built an enterprise platform on Argo with GitOps. If you're not familiar with GitOps, it's an operational framework that uses DevOps best practices such as version control, collaboration, compliance, CI/CD and applies them to infrastructure automation. Every operation in the Codefresh platform runs through Git. In this new platform, pipelines, triggers, apps, deployments, rollouts, and more are all defined in Git from the start. Changes in the UI are also reflected in Git.

The Codefresh Software Delivery Platform brings the best of Argo Workflows, Argo Events, Argo CD, Argo Rollouts, and Git into a single cohesive, scalable, and secure platform.


A Perfect Fit for

With focus on taking a DevOps approach to application modernization and cloud migration, it needed a partner that could help them reliably overcome the trickiest of implementations. Codefresh delivers on that.

Confidently deploying software to production on a frequent basis, at scale, is challenging. You often need customization, lengthy processes, flaky scripting, and frequent manual intervention. These slow you down, just when you need to speed up. Codefresh enables to get around these problems. Built using the power of Argo and with enterprise needs in mind, the platform delivers powerful tools that enable the delivery of software in a safe, frequent, and resilient manner.

Isn't it time you started automating and simplifying everything from code to cloud in your software deployments? Contact today to book a call with one of our experts for a free consultation. Or, be sure to RSVP to join us on March 3rd.

Cynthia Lopez
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