How Was Your Week?

Stewart Smith

Archive article - published on March 20 2020

How has this week of social distancing been for you? I can say that this week has been just like any other for our team, just with a slightly different view. Even though the team at has been working remotely, it hasn’t caused a strain on our normal hours of operation. We have G Suite to thank for this because without the key tools G Suite provides us with daily, we wouldn’t have been able to keep the business running as smoothly as it has during our transition from office work to remove work.

It’s no surprise that very few companies are prepared for the current situation, especially the shift from office to remote. There are, however, ways you can still organize your own preventative measures for your business to continue functioning like normal.

G Suite can provide you with the key tools needed for your business operations right this moment:

  • Communication: Relying on a cloud-based solution instead of a local system that could have failures you cannot fix remotely.
  • Collaboration: Allowing for document sharing & collaboration over the internet instead of fax or physical copies that can no longer be organized.
  • Fully remote accessible: Access from anywhere in the world! Google Hangouts is the perfect tool for working remotely. Hangouts allow us to continue with our daily meetings in a more easy-going way, no matter where you are! It’s simple, all you have to do is create a meet within your Google Calendar and share the link with whomever you want!

As a trusted Google Cloud Partner, we offer proven solutions. How, and why, is that important to you? Because we can provide you with the solutions and support needed to keep your company running smoothly while you focus on your business operations so that you can have a normal week just like us.

Stewart Smith
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