How Much Does G Suite Cost? The Google Cloud Productivity Suite

Stewart Smith

Archive article - published on June 29 2020

How much does G Suite Cost? That depends.

The easy answer is that G Suite is free for two weeks and can cost anywhere from $6 to over $500/month afterward. Costs vary based upon your cloud computing needs and the size of your organization.

So let's break it down and discuss your options.

What is G Suite?

In case someone told you to buy G Suite (and you don't know what it is exactly), it is a cloud-based hub of productivity software. It is one of the most exhaustive software (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) providers.

G Suite is Google's flagship product for the full Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

As a suite of productivity apps, G Suite provides the following programs:

  • Email management
  • Word processing
  • Database management
  • Chat, call, and video conferencing
  • Calendar sharing
  • Real-time collaborative tools
  • And a lot more

The best part is that you and your employees can sync these programs to your computer or access them through a browser. Using G Suite as a company workspace provides you top-level security while saving wear-and-tear on your company hardware.

For more information about how Root Level Technology can assist your company’s migration to G Suite, schedule a call with one of our experts here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your G Suite costs depend primarily on how many team members you have. Google charges you on a per-user basis, similar to Office 365 and other productivity platforms.

In the graphic above, you see that G Suite has three different options. Depending upon the computing needs of your organization, your G Suite costs range from $6-25/user/month.

Can I Lower the Cost by Paying for a Year Upfront?

Unfortunately, your cost does not decrease if you pay annually. In the Google Support screenshot below (taken June 2020), you can see the breakdown.

In many ways, the fact that your costs are the same, whether you pay monthly or annually, is a plus. You can pay month-to-month for the same price as committing for a full year.

If you want to be able to leave G Suite anytime you want, then Google makes it easier for you to do so. You're not locked into an annual contract unless you want to be.

What Does the Cost Include?

Regardless of the plan you choose (Basic, Business, or Enterprise), every subscription includes the bare minimum products/services listed below.

If you need more cloud computing power, you can upgrade your Drive storage (both the Business and Enterprise Plan allow unlimited storage or up to 1TB per user for four users or less). Additionally, you can purchase individual add-ons or upgrades as listed below:

What are the Advantages Over Other Cloud Productivity Apps?

The reason that Root Level Technology is a proud Google Cloud partner is because G Suite packages include more than any other current competitor.

For example, Office 365 offers many of the same productivity applications. However, you will pay more and still not enjoy the same level of virtual collaboration when compared to G Suite.

Another example of G Suite's superiority is how its video conferencing software (Meet) compares to Zoom. Meet's "encryption in transit" approach to cybersecurity is generally safer than Zoom's TLS encryption. Also, Meet is included in your G Suite subscription, while Zoom costs you more as a single add-on when combined with another productivity suite like Office 365.

In Conclusion

As you compare G Suite costs and capabilities against competitors, we encourage you to reach out to an RLT expert. Our agents can help you build a full cloud migration strategy and help you get the most out of your investment.

For more information about how Root Level Technology can assist your company’s migration to G Suite, schedule a call with one of our experts here.

Stewart Smith
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