Ensuring Your Website’s Success with a High Availability Network

Kiril Shivachev

Archive article - published on November 10 2017

A 1998 IBM Global Service report estimates that unavailable network services cost American businesses $4.5 billion annually. That was nearly twenty years ago. Imagine the exponential growth in losses that have occurred since then as computer usage has expanded across the world.

Network reliability is one of the essential ingredients ensuring the success of your online platform. There are few things that will drive your customers away faster than receiving error messages or your site being down for maintenance. In today’s highly connected world, a website needs to be operational 24/7 in order to be prepared for users in different time zones trying to use your site.

This short guide will explain the importance of high availability networks and how you can utilize them to ensure that your website’s users always have a great experience on your platform.

Minimize Downtime

Generally, we think of downtime as a good thing. It is when we can relax a little! But in web terms, downtime is any time your site is not operational. There are a variety of reasons this can happen, but they all lead to the same problem of your customers and users not having access to your platform.

Problems in your network will happen. That is a fact. The risk of them happening only increases as your user base grows. With a high availability network, however, you can create a fail-safe system. Thus, if you are suffering from data corruption, a power outage or any other myriad of problems that can occur, you can be sure no information is lost and that there is no disruption of service. This allows you to solve whatever may be causing the issues while your website remains operational.

High Availability Network Options

High availability is an umbrella term used to describe the variety of options that are available today. The type of services that a company provides and their amount of users will dictate what kind of system will work best for them. The most important consideration in determining the level of risk your business can handle regarding the potential loss of data and downtime.

Every moment your website is down is a moment of lost revenue, and your public face is missing. It can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with a damaged reputation. For a fairly small e-commerce platform, a few hours of downtime for your site won’t be the end of your company; however, notice the keywords “a few hours.” Any more than that and your customers will quickly turn to your competitors.  

At the same time, no matter the size of your business, you always need to protect against data loss. Whether it is information about your clients, current projects or old records, your data is valuable and it is essential to protect it through using a series of redundancies and backups offered by high availability networks.

Ensuring the Stability of Your Business

Whether online or off, stability and reliability are the hallmarks of good business. With a high availability network, you can be sure your website is safe from a wide variety of threats.

Are you looking to ensure your company’s online success? Consult with our experts at Root Level Technology today! We look forward to helping you find the perfect solution for your business to make sure your platform is always running smoothly and ready for the challenges of our highly interconnected world.

Kiril Shivachev
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