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Archive article - published on May 26 2021

Every CTO’s goals are to reduce risks, increase uptime, and free up working capital. They also want to gain a future-proof digital business platform with integrated artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics that delivers deep insights for all who need them. But for those overseeing the IT environments that handle 77% of the world’s transaction revenue, those running a SAP system, this may be easier said than done.

Modernizing your SAP infrastructure and moving to the cloud can be challenging. The first step is finding a simple, cost-effective, and secure way to do it. IT leaders will also want to figure out how to keep critical financial, supply chain, and customer systems up and running with zero downtime infrastructure upgrades, premier cloud networking, and have access to white-glove engineering support.

Google Cloud Can Help

By working closely with Google’s experienced partner community, a business can transition its SAP environments to the Cloud. Imagine being able to lift and shift on-premises or hosted SAP environments with a straightforward migration. In return, organizations get the performance, compute power, flexibility, scalability, availability, and security they need for current and future business needs by migrating SAP to Google Cloud.

The shift holds a multitude of benefits for businesses, and most report saving 30-60% in operating costs compared to on-prem. Additionally, managers can maximize budgets because they pay only per use for non-production workloads such as disaster recovery, testing, and quality assurance. Google Cloud enables businesses using SAP to manage, safely store, and securely analyze their data, generate in-depth insights, and deploy enterprise-ready applications for their mission-critical operations.


SAP And Google Cloud Proven Success

In August 2020, Forrester and IDC released independent studies answering the same fundamental question: “Are businesses getting value from running business-critical SAP applications on Google Cloud?” Both studies came to the same conclusion: SAP running on Google Cloud creates a multifaceted, multimillion-dollar source of business value. Forrester concluded that among the companies it studied, the average three-year return on investment was 160%. IDC’s research reported that ROI was even more remarkable—as much as 272% over the same time. The astounding returns were just the tip of the iceberg, however, both studies reported other results that should catch the eye of any C-level executive.

The Forrester survey found that SAP on Google Cloud unlocks game-changing uptime improvements, cost savings, and productivity wins. If $7.1M in legacy system savings doesn’t get your attention, the analyst firm also reports millions of dollars in additional savings by avoiding downtime, reduced business friction, increased efficiency, and faster, simpler SAP maintenance.

IDC reported equally advantageous gains around operating costs, the efficiency of IT teams, and infrastructure costs. However, what is most notable is the savings that come in deploying new SAP compute/storage resources. According to its report, bringing new systems online happened 98% faster. Deployments went from nearly nine days to 1 hour, adding tons of additional productivity per user.

SAP on Google Cloud in a Nutshell

For businesses where SAP isn’t just business-critical, but rather SAP is their business, Google Cloud is where they entrust their operations. Those companies are finding benefits that are hard to beat:

Smart infrastructure built for simplicity, security, and scale

  • Ease migration and speed deployments with automation templates
  • Reduce risk with premium cloud network performance
  • Drive near-zero platform downtime for SAP environments with Live Migration
  • Flex with the speed of your business with demand-based autoscaling
  • Fortify your environment with five layers of data protection and AI-enhanced security

Digital business platform for unmatched competitive advantage

  • Innovate faster with Google’s ecosystem of technologies
  • Analyze all SAP and non-SAP data quickly and at petabyte scale using BigQuery
  • Enable all users to drive business insights with integrated, self-serve AI/ML technologies
  • Explore new capabilities with faster data operations on a cutting edge, open architecture
  • Enhance customer experiences with Google innovations like Maps, Android, and others

Commitment to solving your toughest business problems

  • Experience exceptional response times and support for continuous innovation
  • Deliver flawless peak shopping seasons and management of complex supply chains

Put SAP on Google Cloud Today

Learn how your company can migrate its SAP without interrupting business operations. Contact WALT Labs today. One of our team members will discuss your specific needs in more detail and show you the many unique ways Google Cloud can benefit your business.

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