Enterprise Kubernetes Summit Has Come To An End

Stewart Smith

Archive article - published on December 17 2019

Derek Rocio and Paul Palmer, with Root Level Technology, had a great time last week attending the Enterprise Kubernetes Summit in both Austin and Plano, TX. The summit was an amazing learning experience for anyone interested in container adoption and how to deliver strategic value to production.

The summit brought together five incredible companies, Rancher, DataDog, Github, Aqua Security, and Hashicorp, to discuss topics revolving around Kubernetes and containerization. Chris Kim, from Rancher, stepped up first to discuss Building an Enterprise Container Service with Kubernetes. Chris explained how Rancher is, and will remain, 100% open source and requires no separate builds. By using Rancher, you have a unified Kubernetes management platform and are able to deploy Kubernetes as a service on any infrastructure.  

Next up was Tre Sellari, from DataDog, who discussed Full Visibility in a Containerized World. Tre explained how DataDog helps un-silo information within companies by creating one main point for all data sets. Fifteen months of full logs and retention are kept so that machine learning can continuously help identify issues. This is only one of the many benefits you will gain when utilizing DataDog.

Kickin’ Back with Kubernetes: How GitLab Auto DevOps takes the stress out of building and deploying applications was presented by David Astor, from GitLab. David spoke about the benefits of GitLab’s Auto DevOps with Kubernetes Integration:

  • Predefined CI/CD files
  • Built-in monitoring that comes with Prometheus
  • Open terminals from deploy board which allows time to be saved
  • One-click installs for apps to make it easy to manage and monitor the cluster

The summit ended with Kashif Zaidi, from Aqua Security, talking about Developing an Enterprise Security Strategy for Kubernetes. Breaches are real and this is why security is an important factor when it comes to your Kubernetes Strategy. Aqua Security has multiple push-button deployments to block and remove any vulnerabilities. They allow you to block the deployment of images and code into containers that are hard stops.

After the Summit, everyone was able to attend a networking and happy hour event hosted by Hashicorp.

“This was the first Enterprise Kubernetes Summit I have attended and I was blown away. It was amazing to see five different companies come together and show how all of their products work together to help users achieve a common goal. The amount of knowledge shared and the ability to ask questions during the presentations made this a unique experience. I cannot wait until the next one.” - Derek Rocio, Sales Development Representative at Root Level Tech

Reach out to us to see how we can implement solutions that compliment your current, or planned, Kubernetes environment. We can show you how to secure, monitor, and greatly simplify the management of your K8s infrastructure, no matter how simple or complex it is.

Stewart Smith
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