Celebrate Simplicity Day With Google Cloud


Archive article - published on July 12 2021

Developers—from students to corporate—say Google Cloud has a clean, modern experience designed for easily deploying cloud services at hyper-scale. From the beginning, this cloud platform was designed by developers for developers. Whether it stems from developer exuberance over Cloud Run, Firebase, or BigQuery, it has been cited as “the most caring and innovative cloud platform for professional developers” in an Accenture research study. If asked to sum up Google Cloud in a word, those developers would likely refer to the service provider as “simple”.

Celebrating Simplicity

Publishing a blog article about the uncomplicated nature of Google Cloud seemed befitting for July 12, which is National Simplicity Day. If you’re not familiar with the day, it is a celebration of the life of author, naturalist, philosopher, and historian David Thoreau. On this day, we are encouraged to take the opportunity to look at ways of simplifying our lives. Simplicity is a theme Thoreau captured in many of his works, most notably in his book Walden.

In a previous blog article, we discussed how Google’s dominance in web search, video content sharing, and online advertising was built upon creating easy-to-understand user experiences. The company has extended that simplicity to other web offerings (one need look no further than the company’s Workspace or Google Meets offerings for examples of this) and now to its Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Google Cloud is an open cloud which the company says empowers its customers. Users are not confined by infrastructure and have the opportunity to build IT environments in ways that best serve their businesses. On-premises, multiple public clouds and edge computing are all viable with GCP.

The vast majority of organizations will use a combination of clouds and open source software rather than rely on a single service provider or closed technology stack. An open architecture allows organizations to maximize customer experiences by hedging against inevitable cloud outages and taking advantage of the technologies’ strengths wherever they’re running. And the cloud gives companies a faster way to meet customer needs technically. An open cloud transforms how they operate, offering freedom in how they innovate and drives differentiated customer experiences.

Again, Google delivers on simplicity.

Google’s Values Support Ease of Use

Google Cloud Platform is steeped in engineering excellence. It provides organizations with increased speed and agility, all while keeping things simple. But, the underpinnings of the platform, the pillars that Google incorporates into all of its products, are where GCP derives its value.


People First. Businesses know that they must keep their people engaged, productive, and connected in this new era of work while innovating ways to serve customer needs. Products like Google Workspace deliver a reimagined work environment, integrated tools that let workers know their customers, and transformative digital experiences that help companies connect and collaborate.

Trusted Cloud. Google Cloud offers unique capabilities to earn customers’ trust. Google Cloud provides transparency and sovereignty with a secure foundation and offers risk management via automation, guidance, and insurance using a shared-fate model built on best practices. The trusted cloud also includes both a secure platform and security products to extend customer confidence anywhere their systems operate.

Efficient Cloud. Google Cloud increases operational efficiency and optimizes IT spend. It saves money with its transparent and innovative approach to pricing and Google Cloud’s Anthos, and it reduces time spent on platform management by 40% to 55%. Google customers see Google Cloud delivering savings of over 30% three years post-purchase.

Green Cloud. Google wants to make it easier for companies to reduce their carbon footprints. By building the cleanest cloud in the industry, Google can pass along its sustainability to its customers. Simply by using Google Cloud, companies are reducing their energy usage, paper usage, waste disposal, and business travel.

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