5 Tips for Working Remotely

Stewart Smith

Archive article - published on March 13 2020

Due to the steadfast pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, more employees are finding themselves working remotely from home, until further notice. Remote work can be intimidating for individuals that aren’t used to or have never, worked from home before.

Here are some light helpful tips on how to get the most out of your remote work:

1. Throw on a pot of coffee, and get to work
Start the day off just as you would like any other day. Put on a pot of coffee, do your daily morning routines, and start the day.

2. Use the morning hours to knock out tasks without distractions
I don’t know about you, but I typically can get a lot of work completed after my early morning meetings. Working remotely allows you to start your day earlier than you would if you had to commute to the office!

3. Use technology to stay connected
As a tech company, using technology to stay connected is a high priority of ours, especially during stressful times such as this. Luckily, Google Hangouts allows us to have communication with our team members located all around the globe, whether we’re in the office or at home. We can still attend daily / weekly meetings, complete tasks, and converse with our team and clients, all by staying connected through technology. In addition, we use G Suite, which allows us to easily collaborate with one another, in or out of the office!

4. Set up a clean workspace
You always want to make sure that you have a clean work environment if you’re working remotely, so ensure that you have a clean and well-organized workspace. It is extremely important when having to get on client video calls, as you don’t want them to view you as unprofessional based on your surroundings.

5. List out your top three priorities for the day
I find it much easier to write my top three priorities for each day on a sticky note and place it somewhere I can easily view it. Nothing is more satisfying than striking through the tasks that you completed.

We hope that you find these tips helpful. To learn more about how to working remotely, check out this book, Remote: Office Not Required. We recommend this book to all of our employees!

For more trusted, up to date information about COVID-19, we recommend visiting the CDC or the WHO websites for updates and information.

Stay safe everyone, and wash your hands!

Stewart Smith
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