5 Reasons You Need to Consider a DevOps Engineer Today

Kiril Shivachev

Archive article - published on March 09 2020

DevOps proficiency is more than a hiring trend in the software industry. It is the art of combining Development and Operations.  Smart human resource professionals keep their eye out for DevOps engineers. These hiring experts understand that the broader range of expertise in DevOps provide can substantially improve the processes and product of their business.

With a blend of programming and IT know-how, DevOps bridge software gaps by providing better collaboration between those writing code and the professionals in IT operations. This collaboration keeps code inputted smoothly, basic operations managed more effectively, and ensure higher quality every step of the way. Here are five reasons that most businesses – no matter their size or goals – should consider a DevOps engineer for their next hire:

1. They fulfill your larger business goals

DevOps engineers are programmers who bring more to the table. Often, “DevOps” describes someone whose resume proves that person to be a proficient developer with experience in IT system administration.  They are skilled in enabling fluid communication between various departments of the business and are quick decision makers based on their expertise in consistent data. In other words, you hire a programmer whose background enables him or her to focus on the larger picture and goals of your business, instead of the individual lines of code. They are skilled in enabling fluid communication between various departments of the business and are quick decision makers based on their expertise in consistent data.

“A DevOps expert is a link, so to speak. Their role isn’t just to merely type code, but to champion the full software creation and integration process so that a higher quality product is created, with fewer miscommunications and mistakes along the way.”
-Random Devops dude

2. They trade manual monitoring for automation

As mentioned earlier, a DevOps engineer ensures that what is authored in code matches the quality assurance and work of professionals in IT. To make the most of this successful collaboration, DevOps prioritize communication by spending less time on the menial programming pieces that can be automated. Successful DevOps engineers are skilled at using programs like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible to not only perform simpler tasks so that more time and effort can be given to the more complex challenges, but also automate repetitive tasks to provide efficiency and avoid human error.

3. You still get to hire a programmer

Hiring a DevOps expert can sometimes mean that an effective coder is joining your team. The only difference is that the DevOps’ background also qualifies him or her for tasks not typically among the skills expected from a developer. That means that at the end of the day, if you need an extra set of hands to author code, your DevOps engineer may be able to contribute.

4. They ensure greater speed

Hiring a DevOps engineer comes with the assumption that, as a programmer, your new hire is familiar with automation tools. Instead of spending his or her time on the nitty-gritty, the DevOps professional sets tools to manage the simple operating tasks. Managing passwords and users no longer requires the manual monitoring it once did. Now, automation tools handle the simple programming needs of your business. This enables more hours can be allocated to the more timely processes, speeding up the overall process and bringing more value to your business.

5. You can expect consistent, reliable results

The previous four arguments infer my fifth and final point. Hiring a DevOps engineer who is attuned to the larger goals of your brand, automates the nitty-gritty programs, provides development expertise, and speeds up your work process inevitably provides your company with more reliable and consistent results. He or she is the bridge that helps your IT experts and developers remain on the same page.

At the end of the day, this means the creation of more reliable software, and ultimately more sales for your business. At Root Level Technology, we help your business remain sharp, safe, and at the top functioning capacity of your industry. What can we help you automate? We would love the chance to discuss your projects and better deliver your projects on time and with value!

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Kiril Shivachev
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