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Earthling Interactive - DevOps & Managed Services

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Customer Success Story

Role in Project

Earthling Interactive designs, builds and supports websites and web-based applications. Working with the client, WALT Labs converted Earthling’s hosting instances from a complicated Rancher environment to a pure Kubernetes environment within AWS.

The Challenge

Earthling wished to decommission their old Rancher environment and move their clients to a lightweight, simple and accessible environment specifically built for a multi-cloud environment. This required a complete redesign of their containerization and orchestration platform. The necessary development and changes were beyond the current capacity of their internal development team.

The Solution

WALT Labs re-architected and deployed a new hosting environment utilizing Kubernetes along with helm to help manage applications even as the environment grows. This new environment is integrated with their existing CI/CD pipeline to allow for the current DevOps practices already in place.

The Results

WALT Labs delivered a new robust and scalable environment that integrated with their already existing pipelines and practices. This enabled Earthling to continue supporting and developing their clients within an up-to-date environment and provide the capability to implement updates and scale the business as needed.

Key Technologies:
  • Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) – Allowed Earthling to update their existing out-of-date containerization platform to an updated, more robust solution.
  • Helm – Allows for the management and standardization of deployments within the Kubernetes environment.
I have worked with the WALT team and they always listen and understand our requests and questions and come up with prompt and thorough solutions. I look forward to working with them because not only are they knowledgeable, but they are also very personable and friendly.
Tony Dexter

About Earthling Interactive, Co

Specializing in web and mobile applications, content management and e-commerce solutions for businesses.

Industry: Internet Publishing
Primary project location: United States

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