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Digistore24 - Cloud Migration

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Customer Success Story

Role in Project

WALT Labs key role in this project was to help our client, Digistore24, get up and running with GKE in GCP.

The Challenge

Digistore24 reached out to us because they were interested in the improvements that the K8s ecosystem offered over Docker, which was hosted within AWS. They decided that they wanted to move from manually managed infrastructure on AWS to fully automated and “Everything as Code” infrastructure on GCP, utilizing GKE, Google Cloud SQL, and Terraform.

The Solution

We used Terraform to set up networks in AWS and GCP and established a VPN between them. We used “everything as code” approach and leveraged Terraform to create and change GCP projects with multiple GKE clusters. We set up an all Docker CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications to multiple environments for dev, staging, UAT, and production.

The Results

Digistore24 now has the ability to create as many environments as needed and pick and choose what’s needed in that environment utilizing Terraform/GKE. With the CI/CD pipeline, it’s easy to test out new environments. Helm makes it easy to test out new technologies and test their performance in production-like environments. K8s allows them to run their services in a highly available manner.

Deciding on GKE was easy. It was simply the most mature managed Kubernetes platform at a competitive pricing.
Moritz Krinke, Head of IT Operations, Digistore24

About Digistore24 GmbH

Digistore24 is a European-based digital reseller and affiliate
marketing platform for small to medium-sized businesses.

Industry: Advertising & Marketing
Primary project location: Germany

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